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Professional Experience

Mr. Richard Salinas has been conducting polygraph examinations since 1998.  Mr. Salinas is a respected and recognized polygraph examiner nationwide.  He is often called upon to provide consultation to other polygraph examiners and to give his opinion on their polygraph examinations.  Mr. Salinas is a full-time polygraph examiner to conduct polygraph examinations in the spanish community and has worked for many attorneys on their civil and criminal cases.
Mr. Salinas has conducted polygraph examinations on murder, rape, robbery and child molestation suspects.  The Los Angeles County Public Safety Police has utilizes Mr. Salinas to conduct pre-employment testing of their applicants for their department.
Mr. Salinas's clients include, major oil and pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, restuarants, grocery and hotel chains. Mr. Salinas is just as proud and honored to work for the smallest company as he is for the largest corporations. He gives lectures to groups and assoications on the use of the polygraph and how it relates to employees and the work place. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act 1988 (EPPA).  Mr. Salinas has been appointed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court panel of experts - Criminal Division.

Professional Objective
To promote, educate and implement Polygraph testing to the best of my ability no matter how devasting the truth may be.


  • To provide the client with the evidence with the use of the polygraph instrument.
  • To obtain factual information for the client's needs.